Q. I am unable to apply a coupon.

A. Please check, if you are using a valid coupon.

Q. I did not get benefits against my valid coupon.

A. Benefits for a valid coupon will credited to the customer, if not credited.

Q. Cash back is not credited to my account.

A. It will be credited to your account after due reconciliation.

Q. Cancellation fee is levied.

A. Customer is expected to pay cancellation fees, if the transaction is cancelled after OTP generation. or after payment transaction.

Q. Unsealed dak was delivered to the recipient.

A. You are requested to share live picture of the parcel enabling company to initiate disciplinary action.

Q. My issue is not listed.

A. Please share and help us to serve you better.

Complaint against Dakia

Q. Dakia was ill mannered.

A. We have tried to attach the best of resources to execute Dakia services. Dakia(s) are also trained and counselled to be polite to the customers. We apologise for his behaviour and shall initiate due course of action in our office.

Q. Dakia did not report on time.

A. We regret the inconvenience caused to you. Thanks for your continued support.

Q. Dakia came late than the estimated time.

A. We regret the inconvenience caused to you. Thanks for your continued support.

Q. Dakia demanded extra cash.

A. No Dakia is expected to charge or demand extra cash from customers. Please do not entertain such requests. You are requested to share these details immediately to serve you better.

Q. Dakia did not have a carry bag.

A. Our sincere thanks are due for reporting this issue. You may refuse to handover your Dak to Dakia in such a case.

Q. Dakia was driving a different vehicle.

A. Dakia is instructed to drive his registered vehicle only.

Help on Delivery

Q. My dak is misplaced and has not been delivered to me.

A. You are requested to report such incidents within 02 hours of estimated delivery time enabling our company to serve you better. If this is communicated to us within stipulated time, we shall put in our best efforts to reach to the Dakia & recover the lost item. As an organization, it is our sincere endeavour to avoid such episodes .

Help on Payment

Q. My wallet balance is not updated after recharging.

A. Customer is requested to complete his profile details including mobile & email details as mentioned in wallet. You may also reconfirm from your bank if the transaction was complete. If the problem still exists, please write to us at

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. How may I register on Dakia application ?

A. You are requested to download "DAKIA" application from Google Play Store, complete your personal profile and start enjoying services rendered by Dakia.

Q. Shall I be required to submit recipient name & contact details ?

A. Yes, the software will prompt you submit recipient name & contact details to facilitate Dakia.

Q. How will Dakia ensure that Dak is delivered to the right person?

A. Post successful online booking of a Dakia, the application will share a common One Time Password (OTP) with the recipient & with the Dakia. Having validated the OTP with the recipient, Dakia will handover the Dak to recipient and take online acknowledgement as well.

Q. How can I apply coupon code ?

A. While booking a Dak, application will show you a box to mention valid coupon code.

Q. May I check about Dak charges before handing over Dak to Dakia ?

A. Yes, online application will show estimated time, distance & charges before booking a Dak.

Q. Shall I get detailed breakup of my billing ?

A. Yes, customer will get detailed invoice online.

Q. Shall I get discount or promotional offer coupon occasionally ?

A. Yes , customers shall get promotional coupons occasionally.

Q. What is the estimated time of delivery ?

A. Dakia application will calculate estimated distance based real time of delivery at the time of booking a Dak and share details with sender.

Q. Can I send cash in a DAK (parcel) ?

A. No, we do not recommend to send cash in Dak.

Q. Can I send liquor or cigarettes in Dak ?

A. No, Dakia does not carry liquor, cigarettes, arms & ammunition & any other objectionable item.

Q. Can I make online payment to Dakia for his services ?

A. Yes, customer can make online payments as per his convenience.

Q. May I pay cash also against his service charges ?

A. Yes, customer can pay cash also as per his convenience.

Q. Is my Dak insured ?

A. No, Dak is not insured. Therefore, customer is requested to send low value items only in Dak.

Q. How is a Dakia associated with Tracra Corplab Systems Private Limited ?

A. Dakia(s) is an independent body attached to Tracra Corplab Systems Private Limited . Company has tried to do due-diligence in terms of validating his driving license, vehicle registration certificate & adhar card.

Q. Can I also be a pillion-rider ?

A. Yes, you can be a pillion-rider as well.

Q. Can I cancel Dak ?

A. Yes, customer has the option to cancel Dak free of charge before generating one time password for the recipient.

Q. May I recall my dak after pickup by dakia prior to deliver to potential recipient ?

A. Yes, you can recall your Dak prior to deliver to potential recipient but you will be charged full. Your undelivered Dak will be deposited to our main office in such a scenario. Sender has the option to recall this Dak from our main office. Normal Dak charges shall be applicable in this case.

Help on Payment

Q. May I add a wallet to Dakia ?

A. Yes, customer it is very simple to add a wallet to Dakia application. Customer has the option to navigate main menu and select wallet of his choice and add it to the application .

Q. Can I change payment method ?

A. Customer can always change his payment mode by navigating main menu & selecting payment method.

Q. Shall I be eligible for a claim for the lost/misplaced item ?

A. Since the item is not insured and our organization does not have the item details, therefore our company shall not take the onus of the lost item. However, we at Tracra Corplab Systems Private Limited shall compensate the sender maximum amount of Rs. 100/- for an envelope or Rs. 300/- for a parcel in a box.

Q. How will company penalize a defaulted Dakia ?

A. Company shall immediately stop assigning fresh duties to the defaulted Dakia and will withheld financial transactions in his account. In addition, administrative actions will also be initiated basis availability of his documents.