Code of Conduct – DAKIA


This document sets out specific detailsof your association with TRACRA CORPLAB SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED (Company here after) including other pre-requisites for being a Delivery Partner (hereafter dakia) ( which you will be required to adhere to and maintain during the course of your association with TRACRA CORPLAB SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED, the code of conduct is expected to be followed and the manner of discharge of your services.

By downloading, installing or otherwise using the aoolication, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement, if you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, do not download, install or use the application.

There terms and conditions are effective with immediate effect , TRACRA CORPLAB SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED and delivery partners – Dakia, where ever the context so requires, referred to collectively as Parties and individually Party.

Eligibility Requirements

The Dakia shall maintain a vehicle at his/her own cost and the required communication device to perform the services. ( as defined in agreement, available for viewing this mobile application effectively.

The Dakia is advised to purchase an accidental policy at his/her own cost and ensure that his/her vehicle is insured as required by regional transport office.

The dakia shall disclose any criminal conviction or pending proceedings, if any, initiated by or against the Dakia before any court of law in India.

The Dakia represents that he/she is not suffering from a contagious or infectious disease and the Dakia shall inform TRACRA CORPLAB SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED immediately upon contracting any infection or contagious disease.

The dakia shall furnish all the documents that may be requested by company in order to facilitate a background check, including but not limited to his/her PAN card, identity proof, address proof,. Further, the Dakia shall be required to cooperate with background verification requests in form of meeting or requests for information by Company or its authorised representatioves.

The Dakia shall be required to attend all training sessions or meetings conducted by Company, as may be intimated to him/her at periodic intervals.

Code of Conduct

The Dakia shall, at all times during which he is undertaking the services, maintain dress, appearance and hygiene codes as specified by TRACRA CORPLAB SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED

The Dakia shall perform its obligation with promptness and use reasonable care a, skill and in accordance with standards of diligence, care, skill, quality and integrity to be reasonably expected of an experienced and reputable provider of services.

The Dakia shall also ensure safety of the parcel is not compromised at the time of delivery. The Dakia shall also ensure the consignment, when collected, is packed and delivered to the customer in the same condition and shall carry at all times in bags only.

The Dakia shall provide all information that may be required and shall work with Company representatives to ensure regular cash reconciliation for deliveries made by him/her, as such frequency may be defined by Company.

The Dakia shall follow all traffic rules, including wearing a helmet at all times when on the road, and shall adhere to the speed limits prescribed by applicable laws.

The Dakia shall not consume any alcoholic drinks or any other intoxicating/banned substances prior to or during office duties. It is hereby clarified that consumption of alcohol or found under alcoholic effect shall give Company the right to immediately terminate the agreement and report Dakia to the appropriate authorities, if such action is deemed appropriate.

Delivery Partner(Dakia) agree not to use the Platforms inappropriately, send/carry illegal & prohibited items, arms or otherwise transmit information, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, video, messages, tags, or other materials.